What is PlayTradez™?

The PlayTradez™ “Algo Select 250” platform is a user-friendly yet sophisticated and predictive platform which is derived from a proprietary algorithmic rules-based formula. A subscription to Playtradez™ allows the user to implement the PlayTradez™ platform, utilizing proprietary strategies and formulae for their own use. This gives the user access to the entire market at their fingertips. The PlayTradez™ “Algo Select 250” platform incorporates proprietary strategies and formulae that are pre-loaded into PlayTradez™. Through the use of our proprietary search and grading bots which select 250 symbols from the more than 7000 symbols on all the exchanges in the USA, the user can view a daily index of symbols that have met our Algo’s performance criteria. The Algo determines the top 250 symbols, then outputs only the ones that are most likely to trend up or down currently. The information is provided through our texting platform which delivers this information to the user in the form of a text on weekdays.

Why do I see symbols more than once?

You may receive a trending up alert – which denotes an optimal time to buy. After a period of time, you may receive a trending down alert for the same symbol which denotes a good time to sell. After another period of time, you may receive another trending up alert for the same symbol, and the cycle continues. Simply keep following the alerts.

Why is it important to follow a plan?

TThe best of the best traders on the planet use strategies derived from algorithmic, analytic, and rule- based formulae. By removing the emotion of the trade and replacing it with scientific and mathematical formulae…you take the guesswork out of trading. When your strategy predicates that you should enter the trade at a certain point…you enter the trade. When your strategy predicates that you should exit the trade at a certain point…you then exit the trade. By doing this, you remove the guesswork and emotion from the process. The key element is trust…you have to have a strategy that you trust to be successful when followed. With a successful strategy, you can trade with confidence and not be swayed by reactions and emotions or losses that come along within that strategy. The best traders in the world have this confidence. One key element to such strategies is the mitigation of losses. Many times, within a strategy, there are a number of losses…sometimes as many as there are winners, and at times…more losers than winners. Maximizing the winning trades while mitigating the losing trades allows for a successful strategy to be profitable. The key is to trust the strategy. Trusting the strategy like a pilot trusts their instrument panel…knowing that even if in the midst of the greatest storms…the instruments are their eyes when they are in essence, virtually flying blind. Having the confidence of knowing that your strategy is performing successfully is the key.

What is the Equities Market?

The equities market, also known as the stock market or equity market, is a financial market where shares of publicly traded companies are bought and sold. It provides a platform for companies to raise capital by issuing shares to investors, and for investors to buy and sell ownership stakes (equity) in those companies. Playtradez™ provides information from within the equities market.